Making a Fabric Pattern Piece “I”

This is a totally optional step, but I like using a fabric pattern piece for a project like this.

Here’s the advantages:

Obviously, the piece doesn’t get destroyed easily – so if you’re probably going to be making more than one bag, this is extra nice.

The fabric piece clings to the fabric you’re cutting – no sliding around.  Easier to be accurate.

As you’re working, the markings on the fabric piece are easier to transfer to the actual fabric you’re cutting and marking.

Stores better for future use.  Again, difficult to destroy.  🙂

How to make it:

1.  Start with a scrap piece of fabric that will be easy to see the markings on.

2.  Press the scrap fabric well.  I use Best Press to give it a nice firm, easy to cut feel.

I made this fabric piece early one morning in my sewmobile (while the granddaughter was still sleeping!) …. and I realized I didnt have any scotch tape handy to piece these together.    No big deal….. it all still works…

3.  Lay out the paper pieces and just mark the fold lines:


Up closer:


4.  Then remove the paper piece for a minute and using a ruler, mark in the fold lines:


5. Lay the paper pieces back onto the scrap fabric, matching up the fold lines.  Cut.


6.  Ta Da!   You’ve got a nice pattern piece to work with – it makes this project so much easier, in my opinion….