Laminating Cotton – Considerations for Bionic Gear Bag

Hi there!

If you’re coming to this page first, here are two videos that show the Bionic Gear Bag Notions Tote in action. If you’re not interested in it for electronics or you don’t have any desire to laminate your fabric, then skip this first video and go take a peek at the second one… it illustrates the features of the bag pretty well. 🙂

The first video below shows how my BGB turned out with all exterior pieces being laminated with Thermo Web Heat n Bond iron-on vinyl.

The bag is so nice… but putting on all of that vinyl was just too much. ugh. It just takes the joy out of how nicely the bag *should* work.

If you haven’t already seen the video showing how wonderful the bag *does* work for sewing gear, here it is again:

I hope the videos help! It’s the next best thing to bein’ there! 🙂



      $12    Bionic Gear Bag Pattern

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