My Sewing Space

2014-04-14 11.49.17

Hint: You may click on pics to enlarge them on this site.  🙂

So here’s my mess!  🙂   The table to the left is a 2×4′ folding table from Costco.  I like it because it is height adjustable. (My granddaughter has her sewing machine on one just like it – at the lowest setting, it’s perfect for her!)

The machine is sitting on a Gidget II table by Arrow.

I like being able to have tools, a cutting mat and an ironing setup to the left of me.   That little Rowenta travel iron is da bomb!

I like that this whole setup is rather compact.

2014-04-14 11.47.53

And to the right of the machine, I have a small folding table I use when I need to have my laptop close by.

And if you look closely, you can see the ScrapMaBob holding my coffee cup (love this thing!) off the table… no chance of knocking it over.

and on the floor, there’s a 12″ cube that holds some of my leftover scraps – and the dogs take turn getting territorial over it..  Lucy is sleeping in it in this pic.