Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy the Bionic Gear Bag pattern?
At this time, you may purchase it ~~~HERE~~~ .   A notice is then sent to me letting me know of your purchase. Once I get this notice, I immediately send your pattern to you by email.  The pattern is a PDF attachment.  I’m in Colorado, USA.   Unless it’s a totally goofy hour in the middle of the night here – and you happened to catch me sleeping for a change,  if more than about an hour goes by without you receiving an email from me, just call or write and I’ll make sure your pattern is on its way.   My contact info is here.

Additionally, you may go over to My Shop on Etsy and get an immediate download there.  🙂


How do I find a Tutorial or Workshop?

Our new site Sew Like a Rock Star has all the workshops and tutorials you need to complete the bag. We also have a thriving community in the forums.

Join our Facebook Group for more tips and tricks


Is this bag difficult to build?
Not really.  I think as long as a person is somewhat comfortable with their sewing machine and the most rudimentary sewing techniques, they could accomplish making this bag.

Think about it:  This is made from mostly flat items – the zippers are installed very easily.  And zippers tend to freak out a new sewer more than probably anything.   There is a quick,  sample video about putting in zippers ~~~on this page~~~.

Also, go to the ~~~ Tutorials & Sew Along ~~~ page to get additional help on the steps.

Holy Smokes… the PDF is 30 pages.  Do I need to print all of that?
Of course not.   If I were following this pattern, I would print the cutting instructions and the pattern piece.  Everything else, I would just read on my computer, iPad, tablet or whatever device you have that can display a PDF.

Think about downloading your pattern (not just this one, but *any* one you get from Craftsy or online!) into your iPad, tablet or phone.  It’s crazy-convenient to have your materials list with you all of the time -just in case your car can’t resist opportunity and temptation – and decides, all on it’s own, of course – to detour into a fabric store parking lot.  🙂

Why is the pattern so many pages?
The intent was to provide novice sewers with as much help as possible.   Plus, I’ll take the blame for having a couple of the pages being in existence because I wanted the pattern to be a friendly, fun thing.    Overall, I’ve had great feedback about the pattern content.   But… On my list of things to do is to create a “stick in the mud”  version for a few of the experts out there that just don’t want to get the basics and get the job done.  🙂

Why is the Bionic Gear Bag Notions Tote pattern not available on Craftsy?
5/6/14:  It’s just temporary.   It was taken down because of a bunch of hateful, clueless troublemakers raised a stink at Craftsy – alleging that my bag infringed on another designer who made a smaller bag, with no tray, and with fewer compartments than mine.

To be clear, I respect the way Craftsy handled this.   They basically “sent us to our room” to work things out.   You’d think that would work… but if one person acts like a stubborn child and refuses to see the issue for what it truly is, then it hurts both of us.

So no worries… The bags are entirely different.   As soon as the 30 days is up, it will be back up there.

In the mean time, you can get the bag on this site as well as on Etsy (if you’re prefer the Etsy format) .  🙂

Isn’t this a “copy” of the Sew Together bag? 
No.. it’s not a “copy”.  If it were a copy, it wouldn’t be 3″ bigger now, would it?  🙂

Construction techniques to create a blouse, a tote, or a wallet…. and our bags … really don’t vary that much.   We all start out with fabric, our notions and we put these things together.   No “process” (a word important in the realm of copyright) can be owned by any one individual.   So while the processes used are the same – this is entirely acceptable in this industry – the finished results are entirely different.

What about copyright?
Again, the processes that are involved in creating a zipper bag – of any size – are not a thing any person can copyright nor own by having a patent.  Information on copyright can be found on the official site:  copyright.gov .    Basically, you can’t copyright an idea, or a process for a utility item.  It would be like a person trying to copyright the directions on how to boil water – nobody can own that.

It’s utterly ridiculous to think because someone made a certain size zipper pouch that someone else can’t make a bigger one.  Ever.

Obviously, it’s entirely legal to make a different bag to serve a different purpose (and  the Bionic Gear Bag does just that!) ….

Then it follows that it’s entirely legal to sell the pattern for my creation that I made for my purpose.   End of story.

Here’s a great example of how there are no patents or copyrights on a finished item like this:  Please check out Drafting Patterns from Ready to Wear class on Craftsy.