About the Bag

My inspiration to do this.   
Nothing really important here – read only if you’re curious….

I recently made several projects – all with the intention of no longer looking like a disorganized pack horse when attending classes, guild meetings, retreats, or when I’m off to a friend’s home to help with something.     You know the drill:  When you own a sewing machine, it’s like owning a pickup truck.  Everybody thinks you bought your truck just to be there when it’s their time to move.

Only with a sewing machine, it seems that there is always some friend in distress that needs help with drapes, curtains or prom dresses to hem.   (Am I alone in this? lol)

While other options I made to hold my stuff were quite lovely and cute, they simply couldn’t hold all of the small necessities that I absolutely feel I need to bring with me.

And yes, I like having gadgets – they make sewing sooooo much fun!

Really, when it comes to purses, wallets, __[fill in the blank]__, and this bag (heh heh) … size matters.   🙂

First bag in the design process: Creating "The Box" & calculating the compartment sizes.

First bag in the design process: Creating “The Box” & calculating the compartment sizes.

Recently, one of my friends came over while I was trying to plan out a bag that would be set up perfectly for my sewing stuff – which included the deal-breakers for me: being able to accommodate a magnetic pin dish (that has a cool cover for travel) and a small fabric dish I made to hold Clover Wonder Clips.    She immediately thought that the bag would also work to organize her daughter’s computer peripherals (cords, mobile hotspot device, thumb drives, etc)  that she needs to have with her at her school.

Honestly, I was thinking the same thing for my own stuff when I camp out at a coffee shop now and then to get some undistracted computer time in!   I carry a Sprint hotspot, too… as well as a video camera, thumb drives, pens, pencils, etc… and loads of cords for my devices.

So while drawing out the first bag, I had two piles of stuff by me:  one being my favorite sewing paraphernalia & the second was a mountain of things that I dumped out of my own computer bag.    I wanted this bag to work well for both.

I wanted it to hold a variety of scissors (like I said, I love my tools!) as well as a set of common thread colors with their machine bobbins.   Thread is my favorite thing to forget when my granddaughter and I are packing up so we can sew together once a month at a local guild!  This bag will hold 7 spools of thread and their bobbins.  Love that.

I tried to be efficient with pocket size and the depth of the divided compartments, first evaluating how the sewing stuff would fit.   Then, if that worked, I’d give the bag a shot at storing the heavy Apple computer cable and the “brick”  DC adapter as well as my own hotspot device, the inverter, and all of the cables, electrical plug-in gizmos and adapters for my cell phones and iPad.   Then I threw in pens, pencils, a ruler, etc … basically all of the stuff that I drag with me when I do work away from home.

It took some trial and error (all night…. until 4:30 one morning!) to get the details to work out…. But in the end, I’m thrilled with this thing… and I know you’ll be pleased with how it performs for you, too.

The end result is the Bionic Gear Bag.   🙂

So name your own “gear”: Sewing notions, computer or school needs, cosmetics, art supplies, personal travel items, a mobile “desk drawer”, emergency kit for the car, kid’s games (I bet this would work for those cute Nintendos and their cards) … etc.    This bag neatly holds an amazing amount of stuff.

If you are making yours for sewing notions with the intent of bringing it to classes, retreats, RVing… even hand project goodies to pass the time with air travel… you’ll find that this bag opens up beautifully to hold everything.  Nothing rolls off the table.   Everything is at your fingertips.   It’s just divine having everything set up in less than a minute and remain so organized.

I hope you enjoy yours as much I as love having mine.

Thanks for your interest,

Sally   aka: RipStitcher